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Industrial Concrete Floor Coating ARMORCOAT

America's # 1 Choice in Epoxy Floor Coating Since 1988

Armorcoat Industrial Concrete Floor Coating

Industrial Concrete and Floor Coatings Systems
Protect, Strengthen and Beautify Your Industrial Facility DIY and Professional Installation

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings – Specializing in Auto Service Centers, Factories, Laboratories and Agricultural Facilities.

Let Armorcoat find the solution that is best for your company. Whether it's a concrete hardener or densifier, or an completely new look that will enhance the entire area, we are here to help you make the proper decision regarding any technical questions you might have.

Applicable Industrial Coating Sectors

  • Warehouses: small to large warehouses, make Armorcoat your choice for flooring.
  • Auto Body Shops: protect your companies floor from motor oil, gasoline, and other chemicals.
  • Agricultural: highly acidic liquids like cows milk can eat right through unprotected concrete. Armorcoat has a solution for you.
  • Chemical Storage: Armorcoat’s industrial concrete coating systems exhibit excellent chemical resistance and weathering ability and UV stability.
  • Laboratories: protect against sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other harsh industrial products.
  • Factories: Armorplate™ hardeners, sealers, densifiers are guaranteed for a lifetime while strengthening unprotected, fully cured concrete by 50%.
Armorcoat Industrial Floor Coatings
Armorcoat Industrial Floor Coatings

Armorcoat HP™ High Performance Coatings
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Armorcoat Industrial Concrete Floor Coating

Armorcoat Decorative Flake System™ Color Flake Pallet
Each Sample Shown in 1/4th and 1/16th inch

Armorcoat Decorative Flake System™ is a proprietary deep penetrating epoxy basecoat, broadcast application of decoravtive color flakes, followed by a clear, chemical resistant urethane topcoat. The DFS™ goes beyond just residential uses. Jump to our industrial and commercial sections to see it's other applications!


Armorcoat Residential Color Flake Pallet

Armorcoat Polymer Color Coatings Pallet

Coatings also available in Clear, White & Black. Special & Safety colors are available upon request. Colors may vary from batch to batch and product to product. Call 1.888.592.7667 for more details!


Armorcoat Polymer Color Coatings Pallet

Armorcoat Epoxy Concrete Coatings

Specializing in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Epoxy Concrete Coatings!
America’s #1 Choice for Epoxy Floor Coatings Since 1988.

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